Sweet Relief or Endless Torture?

The kids go back to school soon. I know that some people are relieved when this happens and that some are very sad. There is only one person I know of that didn’t like it when her kids went to school. Maybe some days she appreciated it, but not everyday. She loves her kids so much that she homeschooled the younger ones when she found out they weren’t doing well with the public school system. Who is this AMAZING person, you might ask? My sweet mother.
My life is magical, and I owe it all to my mother. She helped me understand who I am; a child of God. She helped me see my potential in myself, and helps me see it in those around me. I am of infinite worth, a daughter of royal birth.
I was doing well, for the most part, until I had a diagnosis come my way. After this point, I crashed hard under the weight of my new label: disabled. When my worst fears were confirmed, my mother was right there, and still is there, while I’m relearning my potential. Half of the time I don’t feel like doing anything. It can be so hard to take care of myself and my family at times. Where I lack, God gave me an angel to help me. Because of my mother, my family is taken care of. Because of my mother, I’m still here. Because of my mother, I’m relearning what peace feels like.
Like most mothers, my mom deals with a lot of crap and I don’t think she gets enough recognition, which is why I’m making this post.
If anyone can move mountains, it’s my mom. She has a great deal of faith in our Heavenly Father, our Savior and in us.
I love you, Mom, yesterday, today, tomorrow, and forever. You’re the best Mom I could have ever asked for. God knew I needed you.

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