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In her infancy, a war separated Princess Kalysta of Katniona from her family. After the war is over, the knights of the kingdom, including a betrothed Sir Calem, are sent to find her. Sir Calem expects to at least bring word of her back to the king.

What he doesn’t expect is to come across a young woman, named Lilia, who can fight as well as any man. Although he is considered the strongest in the kingdom, when he has the opportunity to spar with her, he finds himself unable to penetrate her defenses.

Underneath her superior fighting skills and rough accent, he finds a gently bred lady who loves her community and scoffs at the idea of being a princess. So, when he discovers Miss Lia is the missing princess, he must devise a plan to bring her to the capital, without revealing her true identity to her, and then convince her to take her crown.